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The Settled Homeless

ISBN : 13

PB : 9789356805309

HB : 9789356808034

Lucidly written by a true global citizen, the novel depicts the event-filled journey of a well-acclaimed yet nomadic scholar, Ted, around the globe till he found his happiness.

Dr Theodor Rae, a member of the upper echelon of global academics, shares the story of his world. The saga is full of remarkable personalities, insightful observations, and intriguing viewpoints. It lifts the veil of myths, enveloping the extraordinary personae akin to Ted, and reveals the simple humans hidden underneath. Distancing these awe-inspiring characters with respect and reverence is proven a mistake, it being so easy for anybody to relate to their intrinsically simple weal and woe.

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Rover V.

Rover V Rover, a veteran leader of global corporate giants, has relinquished his earlier roles and taken up the pen to share many truths he has discovered in his eventful life.

Formally educated in various branches of physical, computing and management Sciences, Rover has led a remarkably eventful life. At the end of his leadership positions in many global corporate houses across multiple countries for a couple of decades, he had launched an entrepreneurial venture in healthcare informatics, now running successfully in three countries. The core nature of his profession frequently demanded close collaboration with many premier academic institutions worldwide, involving research, development and teaching.

Memoirs of the colourful personalities he met and the remarkable incidents he witnessed during those journeys inspire Rover to write about them. An avid reader of fiction himself, Rover has chosen novels as his carrier for taking the often overlooked truths he has perceived in the course of his journey through the third planet.

His first title, “The Settled Homeless”, published in July 2022, has found wide acceptability among the early readers. He is working on his next novel, planned to be released in March 2002.

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